A big hello from us.

Our love of gardening and flowers has turned our passion into a business.  After buying fresh flowers every week, we quickly realised that faux flowers are now produced to an incredibly high quality and look very realistic.  Having swapped fresh flowers for faux flowers in our home, we've been able to create some beautiful arrangements that our friends and family have also loved and have also complimented our home with some stylish home interiors.    

So we thought, let's do it and set up a business so that we can help other people create beautiful spaces in their homes.  


What's more, our flowers and home interiors make the perfect gift.  So go ahead and let us help you create a perfect space in your home today.



What makes your flowers different?

All of our designs are unique and hand-picked from our luxury selection of faux flowers. Our flowers are designed to last for years, meaning that you don't have to spend money on fresh flowers every week and you don't need to water them.  What's more, faux flowers are allergy friendly and look good all year round.


How do I trim my hand-tied bunch?

Our flowers are hand-tied and ready to put into a vase however, with some of our bouquets we have already trimmed the stems.

If you do want to trim the stems use wire cutters (also known as cable cutters). If you'd rather not trim them then simply bend the stems to the desired length. 

How do I care for my flowers?

To remove any dust use a hair dryer on a cool, low setting. Any stains can be removed by carefully using a slightly damp cloth.  Like all types of materials and fabrics, try to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, this will prolong the vibrancy of their colours.

Is the arrangement in the photo exactly what will be delivered?

Yes - our flowers shown in the photos are what you receive.  If we don't have stock of a particular flower then we will email to see if you are happy with a replacement.  

Can I make a change to my order?

You can change your order up until the point of us dispatching your delivery.  If your delivery is already in transit then we can't accept changes unfortunately.

I need my order urgently

Generally all our orders are shipped next working day of receiving your order.  f you need to get your order urgently please email us at info@clevehouse.co.uk, and we will try and do what we can.  

Do you ship to overseas locations?

We don't as standard but we can look at any particular requests.

Can you do bespoke orders?

We want to delight every customer, so please let us know your request and we will see if we can accommodate.


What if I want flowers that are currently out of stock?

Drop us an email at info@clevehouse.co.uk and we will see what the earliest delivery could be or recommend some alternatives.

If I am not happy with my order can I get my money back?

Yes of course.  We want all of our customers to be happy.  Simply get in touch us within 3 days. We ask that you send your order back to us and pay for delivery costs.  

Is the vase or jug shown in the image included?

No - our vases are just for an idea of what the flowers could look like.